Central States Occupational and Environmental Medical Association (CSOEMA)

Janet Elliot MD, MPH, FACOEM President

Janet Elliot MD, MPH, FACOEM President


Welcome members and friends to MARCH MADNESS at CSOEMA

Our tournament for knowledge begins with a outstanding Thursday, March 19 seminar entitled “Occupational Medicine  Where Medicine Meets the Workplace”.  This event is hosted by the ever popular Dr. Jeffrey williamson-Link .  The winners (all who gain knowledge) will earn 7 CME’s and for those who require them, 7 ABPM MOC/LLSA credits.The topics are timely and entertaining.

The next round is Friday/ Saturday, March 20-21  and the subject is “Insight into the Psychosocial Facets of Occupational Medicine”.  This is a subject we all can go a “little nuts ” to learn.

This event is hosted by the delightful  duo of Dr. Greg Couser and Dr. Christine Cusic.  The topics are diverse and current to our practice . The winner ( all who gain knowledge)  get a trophy of 10 CME’s and for those who require them, 10 LLSA/MOC credits .

The final round is the Silent Auction for the Foundation. This event allows you to  bring home treasures and have  fun .

All kidding aside this is an excellent value and offering to allow you to earn CEU’s and MOC’s at a reasonable cost and still be entertained. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Don’t  forget to renew your membership to the greatest organization of occupational physicians.

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We are pleased to announce that our new and improved website has been unveiled.  It’s cleaner, leaner and more responsive.  In our journey to become more active in our association, I invite you to visit our site often.  To make this easier for you, we’ve made our site “responsive” and user friendly both on a computer or your mobile device or phone.  We added a new feature to highlight our member’s activities both professionally and personally in our Member News and Professional news blogs.  Your CSOEMA family would love to share your accomplishments.  Susan, our webmaster, will be happy to post your articles and photos.   You can find her contact information on the Contact Us page or the News Page.

We’ve also beefed up our Awards and History sections.  Look for copies of past seminar programs to be posted in the upcoming months.  The CSOEM Foundation website has become part of our site and it’s now easier for you to visit the Foundation page to learn about what the foundation does and how you can support it.  You can now support the foundation, painlessly by choosing Csoema Foundation Inc at Amazon Smile.  Remember, your gift is tax deductible.  Also, if you shop at Amazon and start your shopping by linking to amazon through the CSOEMA website, Amazon will donate a portion of your sales to our organization through their affiliate program.


Dear Fellow Members of CSOEMA: I feel quite honored to be elected to help guide this wonderful organization in the next year. Occupational Medicine, as are all medical fields, in a state of change. The next few years are an urgent time to speak up and become leaders in our community and among other physicians. We can be educators to the public on safety, community, and legislative ways . We can all work together to provide a safer planet, worksite and home for ourselves and our children. We have a unique position as occupational physicians in that we have access to employees, employers, legislators, as well as the public. It is my hope that our members utilize their voice and pens to become active as leaders to help guide the way. One way to get started in this journey is to become more active in our association. CSOEMA offers many opportunities to participate through meetings, our website, the foundation, committees, or participation in ACOEM. Spread the word and knowledge and excitement of what it means to be an Occupational Physician (not therapist). Offer to be a preceptor for medical students, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Teaching others, I have often found, is the best way to learn yourself and rekindle your excitement that originally brought you to Occupational Medicine. I am pleased to introduce you to our new part-time employee, hired to assist Marlyce with accounting, registration, IT, and other communication issues. Susan has a Bachelors of Science in Biology and Environmental Studies from Iowa State University. She is currently an Environmental Scientist at the US EPA. Her hobbies include photography, technology/computers and graphic design. She is no stranger to CSOEMA as she has assisted with our seminars for the past 20+ years. Don’t forget to register for the Annual Fall Seminar, September 19-20 at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in South Bend, Indiana. Dr. Eric Wohlrab has a great program that I’m sure will interest you. Watch the website for details! If you have any questions please contact me, Marlyce or Susan. Thank you for your support and patience.